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The Other Schofield

The list and its future

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The Other Schofield

Postby Crazy Dazz on Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:33 pm

In what I always thought a bizarre trade, we gave Jarrad to the Bogans in exchange for Scott Cummings. Whilst the boost to our meat pie industry was no doubt appreciated, I've always wondered if we didn't lose out on that deal.
Still it worked out ok for Jarrad, he went on to play 131 games for Port and win a Premiership.

He returned to Perth (via Freo's list) and won a trio of premierships with Subi before embarking on a successful coaching career.

Now, his son Taj (who of course qualifies as F-S for the Bogans) is a rising star. Just 16, named AA U16, and already staring in the Colts.
So yep, surprise surprise, the bogans have offered his Dad a coaching role, ensuring he moves to boganland, and wasted no time getting their Bogan claws into him.
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Re: The Other Schofield

Postby Mr Q on Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:05 pm

Good luck to them I'd say. The Father/Son selection is always a lottery at best, more don't make it than do. And it's not always the ones you'd expect.

I certainly don't think that we'd want to be making recruitment decisions based on the possibility that a player's son might be good enough to play AFL footy in 20 years. Sure, I'd consider trying to get a game into a 99 game player just in case, if they already had a couple of sons, but that's about it. But even then only if there was a way to do so that didn't impact a season as a whole. Jacob Brennan wasn't as good as his dad. We didn't look at Jordan Matera - nor did anyone. We may not get another F/S out of the 90s alumni at all, who knows.

Sure, with eagle-eyed hindsight, Jarrad Schofield might have been better for us than Scotty "Pies" Cummings, but I doubt it would have done much about our rebuild - and if Schofield's life had gone a different direction, then there wouldn't likely be this particular Taj Schofield to talk about today anyway.

So if Port find a way to get a F/S onto their list they really want, then good luck to them.
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Re: The Other Schofield

Postby Crazy Dazz on Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:03 pm

More of a news piece than anything else.

I always thought the trade a little bizarre, but maybe it was something Scofield wanted? In any event he had a good career and won a flag. Freo threw him a lifeline but he was done, so yeah he would never have been around for our GFs.

As for Father-Son, it's a crap-shoot at best.
I actually find it quite funny that the A(V)FL changed the rules in anticipation of our crop, and none of them have been worth the effort.
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Re: The Other Schofield

Postby west coast ego on Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:25 pm

I'm liking the look of Waterman but certainly not a franchise player
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Re: The Other Schofield

Postby WCE Booka 89 on Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:56 pm

Wouldn't mind seeing the AFL bring in some rules regarding future draftees parents getting roles on clubs, but really as a coach at Subiaco, Schofield has the resume to warrant being offered a coaching role.

As for missing out on Taj, its a shame, but he wasn't even close to getting to 100 with us, being at least 2 seasons away (only played 63). As for the trade, Port probably won it without the father son aspect, but end of the day as has been said, basing things on and relying on father son selections isn't the greatest way of operating. That said, if Josh Wooden had a son who turned into an absolute gun I would be fuming (96 games) or Paul Symmons (99 game) that is probably the case where we could consider pumping a game or so in
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