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Glandular Fever - Maginness/ Waterman - now Clark

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Glandular Fever - Maginness/ Waterman - now Clark

Postby Crazy Dazz on Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:40 pm

Maginness had another good season for the Royals, he was our leading goal scorer if you can believe that.
I'd assume at this point he'd back to near full fitness.

I wonder if there's a still an AFL opportunity for him?

Waterman has only just this season made his way back, playing a handful of games in the ammos and Magoos. I recall reading the interview where he was basically stuffed after the first half.
This really highlights the difficulty in coming back from PVFS, and demonstrates why the club was justified in dropping both players.
Alec might be ready for a full-time career come 2020.

Loersch is another youngster struck down, he missed all of 2015, but interestingly was still picked up by the GC for two seasons in 16 & 17.
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Re: Glandular Fever - Maginness/ Waterman

Postby Perrythegreat on Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:48 pm

And I am sure you have seen Jordan Clark has just been diagnosed. They believe will still be a top 10 pick, but I agree that there is too much form to suggest it is a massive gamble. Would we select if he slipped through to our first pick?
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