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Free Agency is Broken

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Re: Free Agency is Broken

Postby Crazy Dazz on Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:56 pm

Fat Side wrote:There are two things I liked about the GWS approach to the Cameron (and RFA) deals.

1) They stared down Geelong and got what they wanted.
2) More importantly, this should be a clear message to all clubs with RFAs. If the player is one of your best, ALWAYS match the offer and force a trade. I bet Adelaide are spitting over the Crouch trade. They could have got a pick in the teens had they matched.
It's why I've always argued the the Eagles should match and force a trade.
For some reason we seem to see it as "not nice" but it has nothing to do with the player and everything about ensuring he gets where he wants and the new club pays fair value.
At the time, we got ripped off for Scott Selwood. The perception was that forcing Geelong to py would upset their ability to get Danger and Henderson, but why is that our problem? Maybe that would have been a good thing, or maybe it would have forced them to trade back one of the WA boys they pinched over the years.

And again, we got lucky, but also got fleeced for Lycett.
He was deeply torn, and maybe if we'd shown some interest in keeping him, 2019 would have looked different
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