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All Eagles games season 2023

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All Eagles games season 2023

Postby Fair Bump Play On on Sat Mar 18, 2023 9:35 am

Just in case there is anyone out there I thought I'd start a thread for our games this year; before Q gives up on the site. As there will probably not be a lot of posters so I'm thinking maybe just using the one thread all year is a good idea?

Personally I'm excited about the year, I love a good rebuild, Eagles style. What I hate is being in denial as we have been for the last few of years.

Round 1 away against North. Marvel 10.30am
Four new exciting players in the team this week, love it!
Noah Long
Campbell Chesser
Jayden Hunt (ex Melbourne)
Reuben Ginbey

I can't watch the game live but I'll be looking forward to the replay later. Go Eagles!
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Re: All Eagles games season 2023

Postby jourgo on Sat Mar 18, 2023 12:28 pm

Well on what I've seen so far, we're spoonbound. And Simpson will not see out the season.
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Re: All Eagles games season 2023

Postby Bacardi Babe on Sun Mar 19, 2023 9:22 am

jourgo wrote:Well on what I've seen so far, we're spoonbound. And Simpson will not see out the season.

I'm not sure where the team is at Jourgo. There was some beautiful ball movement in the first quarter and ofcourse the end of the third and all fourth quarter. The team looked good in part and I saw encouraging signs. Ginbey and Long looked great and some of our seniors looked good- Ryan was back closer to his elusive self. Shuey battled hard but looked sore towards the end. Gov, Hurn and Tommy B hung on in their down back when the midfield was getting smashed. Oscar and Darling did nice things up forward- need to work on set shots and Ozzy had that one brain fade when he missed from straight out.

That second quarter though and the start of the 3rd :(

We need so much more from Sheed and Kelly and Gaff than we are getting. Also we clearly need to get things sorted in the ruck- Bailey Bailey Bailey... you are a whipping boy at the moment! Bring in the kid from SA if Nicnat isn't available!
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