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Eagles Almanac

Postby infiltrator on Fri Nov 16, 2018 10:23 am

At the risk of promoting a product, a great new book coming shortly, the Eagles Almanac.

Journalist John Harms leads this eccentric community of footy fans called The Footy Almanac. They used to publish a book every year that featured a write-up of every AFL game for the year by an average fan (in the stands on at home watching on tv). Emphasis on their own storytelling rather than being a footy writer.

For the last couple of years they’ve changed tack and published a book just about the premiers. Despite having a bit of a Vic-centric community, Harms has been faithful to this approach and roped in various people to write up games so he can produce the Eagles Almanac (it would have been a lot easier for him if he had decided to just take the Channel 7 approach and focus on the runners up instead).

So it’s out soon, will be a great read, and has a great artwork for the cover - details at ... anac-2018/

I’ve been lucky to be involved, have written up Rounds 2 and 23. Can’t wait to relive the season and read everyone else’s takes.
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