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Suggestion for sub-forum Types

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Suggestion for sub-forum Types

Postby cammania on Sun May 03, 2009 12:21 pm

Suggestion for sub forum types.

just thinking Q and those involved, why not set up a Blokes Forum and a Girls forum.
by no way is this sexist it is mearly a suggestion that i think could possibly work.

I understand that it would be hard to control as too who replies to which forum. but i think i could come down to gender when you sign up only allows you into that forum to post and reply.

as for topics, the guys threads, can be used to be talking about (and its only if they feel the need) Cars, women, have something along those lines..

as for the girls forum, (gossip crap etc etc) like who likes brad pitt, what handbag do you have, YOUR SHOE COLLECTION :D

bit of ribbing in other threads would be allowed, i know its not controlable, but within reason and not in a degrading sense.

i know we have a generalforum for all sorts of fun and stuff, but ,maybe the need is there for this. maybe because some members feel they cant talk about certain subjects in the general forum as the well, other gender, can still get in and have thier say possibly making them feel uncomfortable.

i can see some jokes coming this way for this, but just putting it out there to be considered as a possibilty

is there any merit to this, or am i pushing the proverbial up a hill

(dalby, you and i lead the charge for the thread in the blokes forum for the Beautiful women thread picture posting :D )
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