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Shot clock.

Postby west coast ego on Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:12 pm

Anyone else notice the umpire tell Riewoldt that he wasn't allowed to look at the shot clock???????.

What is the go there.!?!?!

Looking at it should be irrelevant. If you are going to put them on the clock then players could realistically spend 29 of their allocated 30 seconds picking their navel lint so long as they kick in the last second.

Don't get me wrong I hate the thought of players milking the shot clock at the end of games but if you put the rule in place then Surely it has to be applied in all situations for better or worse not as the umpire deems fit.

Then to top it off another player (can't remember who) was not allowed the full 30 secs after the 3qtr siren because the umpire deemed him too far out for a shot. Again what is to say he is not having a shot from 65 with a big torp?!?!

We ant Less things for umpire to "interpret" and make themselves a show piece not more!!!!,!!!
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