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The Red Carpet

Postby Crazy Dazz on Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:56 pm

Liam Picken's parnter, Annie Nolan, took a stand for a "Bully Free Brownlow" by turning out in a "male-style" suit, and predictably the twitter-trolls came out in force.

What I find weird, is that the AFL goes out of its way to be PC, and bendover backwards for every minority and pressure group that comes along, yet they have allowed (and indeed encouraged) such a sexist and chauvinistic tradition to become part of the Brownlow.

It's basically the one night of the year in which WAGS are on show to the football public, and all that matters is how good they look with their tits hanging out of some revealing dress.
As Nolan said of last year's event, she was a mother, who had recently finished breast-feeding, yet felt compelled to rock up in the standard "boob-dress."

Sure, some of these WAGS are bimbos, and even with those who aren't many love the attention. But many are also highly successful doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and sports people in their own right, and yet this is how they are judged. How must it feel to be one of those, and know that your red-carpet photo won't make the news or social media, because you're a real woman and not just a model.

It is also just so incredibly sad and disappointing, when a "Player X" wins the award. When Judd won his Brownlows, there were probably more photos of Twiggers (or at least the couple) in circulation and the media. Yet somebody else wins, and their partner barely cracks a mention because she's not "red-carpet" material.

It's almost become a cliche, to read about footballers and their "Model" girlfriends.
And good luck to those who fit the bill. Modelling is a glamorous and potentially lucrative career.
But given the apparent propensity, you'd have to wonder if red-carpet looks don't now have disproportionately high credence when choosing a partner?
It's as though you're not really successful, unless you have the trifecta: Premiership, Brownlow, Model.
And you'd have to worry how that pans out in the post retirement world, when she's still a stunner, and he's a nobody with a wrecked body?
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