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On the cusp of new season

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On the cusp of new season

Postby Hamburger on Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:29 pm

Anyone following the AFL website over the last 3 months will know we have passed through some well signposted stages at all the clubs as the players first return to training and gradually ramp up the loads.
Before Christmas and in early January we read avidly about PBs in various categories of physical performance......2km time trials etc.
Then we are usually buoyed by news about key injured players and how they are progressing, although there are sometimes setbacks....
Then comes lots of articles about how sharp players are looking, particularly the new recruits, the old hands are we going to fit everyone in the team?
Up until that point the news is generally always positive and builds expectation.....BUT
then we inevitably seem to enter the period where training loads and drills increase and injuries start to be reported....some minor and others serious....
Every supporter then starts to fear the daily news in case one or more star/irreplaceable players from your team suffers an injury at training and is ruled out for some/all of the season.
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