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My footy blog

Postby Bigbird on Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:39 pm

Hope this post is OK and in the appropriate forum. I started doing round by round write-ups for a former boss last season and have continued this year - moving the content to an online blog. I have also just posted my first article...which is a quick write-up on the Eagles midfield that I have not even proof read (it shows).

I'm not making money off the site and don't intend to - it's simply there as a means to share my tips and also enjoy writing where the opportunity comes up. Not just about West Coast either. So I'm not advertising but I am genuinely interested in feedback from others and also putting it out there as an opportunity for any budding writers with an opinion or insight to maybe contribute.

Growing up the UK, I didn't discover footy until I was I don't profess to know as much about the game as half the posters on this board....but I love the sport and think I am as passionate as any other supporter running around ;-)

If you are interested in checking it out -

Feel free to check in each week for your tips....which are generally pretty unreliable.


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