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Domestic Violence Destroys Lives

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Domestic Violence Destroys Lives

Postby Crazy Dazz on Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:00 pm

I had a best mate growing up. Like a lot of things, you don't realise what you had till its gone.

I always thought it strange that he didn't have any Aunties & Uncles or Grandparents.
I learnt much later that his parents had run away and eloped to escape abusive families.

Sadly, they didn't really escape. His father was a violent alcoholic, just like his grandfather.
As a kid and even teenager I didn't really understand what was going on in his life. I knew his Dad was a [Greg Williams], and that his mother went into hiding when he was a teenager, but honestly I guess I never thought too much about it.
He would joke about stuff, and I guess i never fully appreciated the pain.

He couldn't really form proper relationships with women. But eventually he found somebody, settled down, started a family.
Now he would have cut off his own fucking hands before hitting them. But what the fuck did he know about being a loving husband or father. He did have a temper, and whilst never violent, he pushed them away (perhaps even subconsciously).
To my shame, I was too wrapped up in my own family life to be of any help.
I sometimes think that my generation got really fucked over in the fatherhood department. We were expected to be so different to the generation before, and we just didn't know hoe.

They separated, and when it became clear they were never going to get back together, he killed himself. He was in his early 30's, still with most of his life ahead of him.
His kids grew up without a father, and lets just say that last I heard neither had turned out ok.

I don't buy into this shit that putting bugs in a girls desk when you're eight years old means that you will grow up to be violent.
And it pisses me off that the leading anti-DV campaigners are mostly dykes who think all men are rapists and should be castrated at birth.
But violence against women and kids is never acceptable or excusable.
And if perpetrators can't stop themselves, then they need to be stopped.
Crazy Dazz
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Re: Domestic Violence Destroys Lives

Postby Peter_Melesso_Fanclub on Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:06 am

Heaven forbid anyone ever have to agree with a "dyke" :roll:
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Re: Domestic Violence Destroys Lives

Postby Fat Side on Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:47 am

Family Violence is a scourge on our society and we still have a very long way to go to address it. Australia loses dozens of women each year killed by their male partners and children killed by their fathers.

Family violence incidents remain in epidemic proportions in my view. The courts are choked with VROs being issued, being breached and males on burglary, aggravated assault and stalking charges.

If we believe that every time a terrorist incident is perpetrated by a muslim, that Islamic leaders must publicly denounce the behaviour and extremism, it is time men stood up and denounced family violence. Turning a blind eye to violent/aggressive behaviour by friends and family members is no longer acceptable.

Family violence also means intimidation, threats of violence and financial abuse. There are too many men out there that believe that their female partners are their possession and that it is okay to control them and every aspect of their lives.

The next victim of family violence could be your daughter, sister or mother.

I accept that males can also be victims of family violence particularly children, the LGBQTI community, but women are predominantly the victims at the hands of males or females (mainly in Lesbian relationships). We need to be ensuring we (as fathers) are role models to our sons and ensure that they understand what is and isn't acceptable behaviour. As fathers we also need to nuture, value, embrace and celebrate our daughters and explain what behaviour they should not tolerate from male partners.

There is an increase in awareness of these issues, but it is pointless politicians and community leaders calling it out and denouncing it if the message isn't getting into homes, families, friends and communities in general.
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Re: Domestic Violence Destroys Lives

Postby farmer joe on Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:20 am

Man....this is a little big for a footy forum. But I respect CD for his thoughts and for voicing those thoughts. Most of us of my generation have stories that involve us, family close to us, friends or others where DV was a daily/weekly/monthly occurrence. That is a sad reality. I hope I have made an impact by not living in the way that was "normal" when I was growing up. My kids generation are learning to do things even better. Behaviour is learned and removing DV from normality will have an impact over time.
I have indigenous first cousins. When it comes to DV violence that is where the money should be spent. The human suffering that goes on in remote, and non remote, indigenous communities is deplorable. Any government or community that accepts that it should be allowed, or a blind eye turned to it, is a government or community that I dont want a part of.
farmer joe
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