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Running for a Reason.

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Running for a Reason.

Postby Mr Q on Fri May 10, 2019 10:51 pm

Recently my mother-in-law's husband died after a long fight with cancer - one he'd been fighting for longer than I'd known him. He was a great friend to my elder son who at two has lost someone that he'll never realise. The amazing work in cancer research allowed him to survive years longer than he once would have though, allowing our boy to meet this amazing man.

As a result*, I'm doing the HBF Run on Sunday 19th, and I'm going to try to raise a little bit for the Cancer Council. Let's be honest, every one of us will have a story to tell about cancer among ourselves, our families and friends.

If anyone's interested in donating, my link is here. Yes, I'm a fat bastard running 12km. Wish me well :)

Q's running 12km

*Ok, I'd signed up months ago, because otherwise I'd not have anywhere near the fitness - but it's now that I'm remembering the fundraising component when it came home to me.
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