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Grand Final MCG
Sat, 29 Sep 2018 • 12:00 WST
West Coast Collingwood
11.13 (79) 11.8 (74)
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Injury List

Player Injury Weeks
Kennedy Calf 1-2
Shuey Calf 2-3
Redden Leg 2-3
Barrass Hamstring 2-3
Ah Chee Hand 6-7
Rioli Suspension 6-5
Venables Concussion indef

AFL Ladder

Team P % Pts
1. W. Bulldogs -- 60
2. Geelong -- 60
3. Melbourne -- 58
4. Port Adel. -- 56
5. Sydney -- 52
6. Brisbane -- 48
7. West Coast -- 40
8. Fremantle -- 36
9. GWS Giants -- 34
10. Essenscum -- 32
11. Richmond -- 32
12. Carlton -- 32
13. St Kilda -- 32
14. Coll'wood -- 24
15. Gold Coast -- 24
16. Adelaide -- 24
17. Hawthorn -- 22
18. North Melb. -- 18

by Matt Quinn
21st March 2017
Season 2017 starts on the weekend with the Eagles on the road to the Roos. So what might we hope from the Eagles players in 2017?

1. Sam Mitchell
Eagles fans will be expecting the kitchen sink from 300 game veteran ex-Hawk Mitchell. Coming to the Eagles on the cheap after winning the Hawks' B&F last year, even at 34 he'll bring coolness and class to the Eagles midfield. Can see him playing every game he's fit for
What we want: Playing every game, and showing his younger teammates how it's done.

2. Mark LeCras
Coming into the twilight of his career, the veteran goalsneak will want to perform to hold his spot in the side against some up and comers. Likely to revert to strictly a forward role again in 2017 after dicing with roles in the midfield in recent years.
What we want: Goals. As many as he can get.

3. Andrew Gaff
The 2015 All-Australian, Gaff didn't really shine quite as bright in 2016, but will definitely be one of the first 22 selected every week in 2017. He's a class act, and as an experienced player with over 100 games under his belt, will be a key to the Eagles season.
What we want: Another consistent season.

4. Dom Sheed
With a full pre-season under his belt, Sheed will be looking to break into the Eagles team consistently in 2017. He has the talent to be a core part of the team, but as yet hasn't quite gathered a permanent spot in the 22.
What we want: Continual improvement - and to become a regular in the team

5. Brad Sheppard
The improvement of Brad Sheppard over the last couple of years has been pretty impressive, and he's one of the first few selected every week. His coolness and calmness (and ability to play tall) are welcome in defence
What we want: More of the same thanks.

6. Elliot Yeo
Yeo has a spot in the best 22 at the moment, and certainly has the talent to hold that spot and make it his own. Dropped off a bit in 2016 after being part of the Eagles drive to the GF in 2015, so consistency is the name of the game here.
What we want: More consistency making his spot unassailable

7. Chris Masten
After 160 games, it seems the jury is still out on Chris Masten. The reality is that he's a competent midfielder - perhaps not the star we hoped for when drafted, but a competent AFL player. Will never be a legend, but has been a good servant to the club
What we want: Showing us that he should be in the team, which at his best he should be

8. Jack Redden
Disappointing in his first season at the Eagles, Redden has reportedly come back to the AFL in 2017 with a good attitude and has worked hard to regain his spot in the team. He'll want to be making his mark in the coming season
What we want: Showing that he should be in the AFL team, not East Perth

9. Nic Naitanui
We won't be seeing much of Nat in 2017. At best, we might hope to see a little bit of his magic in the tail end of the season
What we want: Nat ready for season 2018. And maybe a few games at the end of the season

10. Tom Lamb
Lamb has only played the one AFL game, and reports suggest that he's had a few problems with attitude. That said, he has the skills to be a good AFL player, and with the right head on could be a useful player, even this year
What we want: Progress toward the Eagles team.

11. Matt Priddis
The Eagles most recent Brownlow medallist has been a workhorse par excellence for the Eagles over many years now - to play 200 games as a mature age rookie recruit says it all. He'll be back in and under again this year, and likely doing his best every week.
What we want: Exactly what we always get - his best

12. Sharrod Wellingham
One good season and three indifferent ones at the Eagles, but that good season showed just how useful Wellingham can be. He'll be looking to return to the form of 2015 in the coming season - and not the earlier ones blighted by injury and poor form.
What we want: An in form Wellingham running off half back all season

13. Luke Shuey
If there's anyone who'll miss Naitanui more than Shuey it will be surprising. They evoked the best of the Gardiner/Cousins pairing with their ability to work together. Shuey though is a class act, and likely the most dangerous attacking Eagle. He'll be a formidable force again.
What we want: Shuey's attacking play at its best.

14. Liam Duggan
It's still early days in the career of Liam Duggan, and he wouldn't be expecting to play every week. But he will be wanting to keep pressure on the midfielders in the team and get as many games as possible
What we want: Continual improvement, and pressure on the regulars. Or to become a regular.

15. Jamie Cripps
Cripps has become a reliable goal kicker in his role on the half forward flank. Should be comfortable in the 22 if his output remains as is. That said, the Eagles have no lack of forwards, and there will always be pressure on to keep a spot up front.
What we want: More goals. It's what forwards are in the team for after all

16. Eric Mackenzie
When Mackenzie went down in the 2015 pre-season, the popular call was that the Eagles season was over. Unfortunately for Mackenzie, it resulted in a massively successful change of structure down back, one he's taken time to come to grips with. He'll be hoping he can recover his spot in the team.
What we want: A good battle for defensive tall positions

17. Josh Kennedy
A double reigning Coleman Medallist has nothing to prove. All he'll want is to keep on going.
What we want: More of the same

18. Daniel Venables
A new recruit, Venables is very raw and wouldn't be expecting to figure in season 2017.
What we want: A recruit ready to learn what it takes to play AFL

19. Nathan Vardy
I doubt that anyone would have expected someone like Vardy to be on the Eagles recruitment list mid-way through last season, but here he is. He'll want to find that sweet spot as a second ruck and forward. Has the talent, can he stay uninjured?
What we want: A solid performer in the absence of the main ruck duo

20. Jeremy McGovern
It's a long way from when he returned from the summer break fat and unfit. McGovern's looking like one of the best intercept defenders in the league, and a likely quality swingman. A definite member of the 22, and with only 54 games under his belt looks likely to have improvement left in him
What we want: More of the Governator.

21. Drew Petrie
Petrie's been brought in to back up a couple of tall roles, forward and ruck. And it looks like he'll get his chance with the main ruck pairing both unavailable long term. A somewhat surprising addition to the squad, but... well he's there now.
What we want: Don't expect much more than best efforts.

22. Jon Giles
With Naitanui and Lycett out, you'd think that the ruck job was Giles's, but it seems he's still seen more as insurance than first choice. I'm sure he'd like to change that.
What we want: Games like against Adelaide. He'll be in the team if he can do that again.

23. Lewis Jetta
Underperformed drastically in his first year at the Eagles in 2016, but has reportedly come back with a much better attitude, and will likely feature in the discussions over the best 22. If he can recapture his best form he'll be a major asset.
What we want: An in form Jetta.

24. Luke Partington
The Eagles first pick in 2015 hasn't yet played a game of AFL footy, and is likely to play most of the season in the seconds, and will want to get closer to AFL grade. Would probably like to be knocking on the door in 2017.
What we want: Maybe to push for AFL selection.

25. Shannon Hurn
The Eagles captain will again be marshalling the team across half back. Hurn has always been a quiet achiever, and will likely continue on this way in 2017. It's his eleventh year, and with 200 games under his belt, Hurn is a quality veteran footballer.
What we want: Leadership on and off the field.

26. Sam Butler
The last hold out of the 2006 Premiership team is likely getting close to calling time on his career, but he's been a valuable member of the team in the last couple of years off half back. You'd think a spot is his to lose, but he may find others knocking on the door for his spot.
What we want: No injuries please. Sam's had enough of those over the journey.

27. Jack Darling
There's no doubting Darling's talent - he's been able to show that from his first days at the club. However he's one of the Eagles who would have been disappointed by his 2016 season and like to see an improvement. He's also had questions over his performance on big days.
What we want: Turning up at the big events.

28. Tom Cole
Cole snuck into the team list for a few games in 2016, and didn't look at all out of place. As he's still only on his second year on the list, he's got time on his side, and will want to continue to develop at East Perth this year, and wait and see if any chances come up in the seniors.
What we want: If a chance comes along, he must take it.

29. Scott Lycett
An injury on top of an injury means that Lycett will be unable to take the field until the latter half of the season, leaving the Eagles ruck division in tatters.
What we want: Get back injury free and ready for AFL. A tough ask.

30. Jackson Nelson
In the tough role of medium defender, it would be tough for a young player to get chances. Nelson though has managed to get more than the odd chance, racking up 19 games over the last two seasons. While he's not in the first selected, he's in the first selected when there's a gap to fill, and that's not bad at this point in a career
What we want: Put pressure on the current incumbents for a spot in the team

31. Will Schofield
There's never been any doubt about Schofields effort or desire to play the game. However he's in a tough spot, fighting for one of three tall defender spots with McGovern, MacKenzie and Tom Barrass. Someone has to miss out, and it could be tough going in 2017.
What we want: Schoey to keep giving everything. And maybe a couple of mad dashes across the ground.

32. Simon Tunbridge
Tunbridge was super unlucky - playing one of the best games of his career and he does a knee... he's opted for the LARS operation to repair the injury in an effort to get back to AFL and salvage a career that's struggled to get off the ground. Could be a tough ask.
What we want: The knee to be OK.

33. Josh Hill
The other half of the small forward duo with LeCras, Hill has performed at better than a goal a game in the role over the last couple of seasons, probably securing him a spot in the team for the time being. However it's by no means a certainty if someone else comes along, and he'll be wanting to perform.
What we want: He's another forward - so goals.

34. Mark Hutchings
With the arrival of Sam Mitchell, it might be hard for Hutchings to hang on to the spot he's somehow carved out for himself in the team. Certainly not the most talented player in the squad, it's a testament to effort that he's managed to play 55 games so far. I wouldn't count him out if chances are there to play this year.
What we want: Keep on putting the effort in.

35. Josh Rotham
A new recruit for 2017, nothing particular will really be expected of Rotham in the coming season other than to find his feet in the WAFL
What we want: Development at East Perth

36. Fraser McInnes
Back on the rookie list this year, there may be openings due to the ruck shortage, but McInnes has fallen behind a host of others - Petrie, Vardy and Giles - for a chance to fill that role. Opportunities may be hard to come by in 2017, especially if Lycett and Naitanui return
What we want: No expectations unless opportunity knocks.

37. Tom Barrass
It's a fight for the tall defender positions to start 2017 - McGovern owns one, but there's three fighting for maybe two other spots, and Barrass might find himself back at East Perth to start the season despite his Rising Star performance in the last home and away match last year. You'd back him to take the first chance that comes along though
What we want: The sky's the limit - reach for it

38. Kurt Mutimer
Injuries haven't really allowed Mutimer to develop as he might have liked just yet, and he'll still be at East Perth to start the season. He'll need to show real development potential this year.
What we want: Development, development, development

39. Malcolm Karpany
Surprised many with a debut match in 2016. Unfortunately it was in a poor team performance, and he was a logical out the next week. However it showed that he's in the minds of the selectors, and he'll want to put pressure on the incumbent small forwards for a spot in the team.
What we want: Pressure for a spot in the team.

40. Tom Gorter
A new recruit for 2017's rookie list, Gorter will be looking to develop skills in the WAFL
What we want: Development at East Perth

41. Jordan Snadden
A new recruit for 2017 on the rookie list, nothing particular will really be expected of Rotham in the coming season other than to find his feet in the WAFL
What we want: Development at East Perth

42. Tarir Bayok
A last minute addition to the Eagles list as a Class-B rookie, Bayok could be an interesting player, but will need a lot of work before he's AFL ready.
What we want: Development at East Perth

43. Matthre Allen
Will be looking for further development at East Perth this year with a view to continuing on in 2018
What we want: Development at East Perth

44. Willie Rioli
Rioli looked on track for a round one debut with silky skills in the pre-season, but a major hamstring injury has laid him aside for three months. He'll have to rebuild his fitness (and match fitness) through the WAFL and see if he can push again for selection later in the season
What we want: A full recovery and pushing for AFL selection

45. Jake Waterman
It's been a tough time for the Waterman brothers the last couple of years, with Jake now out with a foot injury until mid-season. He'll have to rebuild his fitness at WAFL level, and see where he's at by the end of the season
What we want: Back out on the park at WAFL first.

46. Paddy Brophy
The Irishman's been on the list for a couple of seasons now, and should be looking to push closer to the AFL team now if he wants to make a career of AFL footy. Whether he can make it is another thing
What we want: No sunburn... and a red hot go at trying to make the Eagles team.

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